Colton Grainger

Ph.D. Student
Mathematics Department, College of Arts and Sciences
University of Colorado, Boulder



Ph.D. Student in Mathematics, University of Colorado

Boulder, CO

Advisor undeclared until comprehensive exam (May 2021).


B.S. in Mathematics-Physics, The College of Idaho

Caldwell, ID

Senior Study: Galois Theory for Differential Equations.
Advised by Jonny Comes.


Jul 2019

Towards Categorical Metadata

I developed an initial implementation of rdaim (Research Data Archive Images Module) for SIParCS. [code]

Nov 2018

Characterizing Neural Networks

I presented Guss and Salakhutdinov’s application of topological data analysis to machine learning for StatOptML. [code]


Summer 2019

Software Engineering Intern, NCAR

Boulder, CO

Created an image repository for historical weather data (e.g., marine logbooks from 1870 to 1950) to support climate reanalyses. Funded by SIParCS. Mentored by Thomas Cram, Matt Mayernick, Steve Worley, Philip Brohan. [Python, SQL, XML]


Social Work Intern, United Way of Thurston County

Olympia, WA

Supervised volunteers, interns, and work-studies at a 24-hour shelter for families experiencing homelessness. Funded by CNCS. Mentored by Lindsay Fujimoto, Abbigail Shirk. [JavaScript, community organization]


Social Work Intern, YMCA of Greater Houston

Houston, TX

Managed data for the preferred communities refugee medical assistance program. Funded by TX-ESC. Mentored by Shaoli Bhadra, Danielle Bolks. [SQL, health records, immigration policy]


Introduction to Statistics [MATH 2510]

University of Colorado

Fall 2019

Instructor for 1 section, 38 students. Led by Joseph Timmer and Al Bronstein.

Calculus I [MATH 1300]

University of Colorado

Spring 2019

Teaching Assistant for 4 sections, 120 students. Led by Lee Roberson.

Fall 2018

Teaching Assistant for 3 sections, 81 students. Led by Lee Roberson.

Analytical Physics I [PHY-271]

The College of Idaho

Fall 2015

Grading Assistant for 1 section, 25 students. Led by Kathryn Devine.

Relevant Coursework



University of Colorado

Analysis (Royden) [Sergei Kuznetsov, MATH 6310]
Theory of Groups [Peter Mayr, MATH 6270]
Topology II [Agnès Beaudry, MATH 6220]
Differential Geometry I [Jeanne Clelland, MATH 6230]
Algebra II [Richard M. Green, MATH 6140]
Topology I [Carla Farsi, MATH 6210]
Algebra I [Nat Thiem, MATH 6130]
Analysis (Folland) [Judith Packer, MATH 6310]



University of Idaho

Numerical Analysis [Lyudmyla Barannyk, MATH 428]
Ordinary Differential Equations [Lyudmyla Barannyk, MATH 310]
Probability Theory [Chris Remien, MATH 451]



The College of Idaho

Topology [Dave Rosoff, MAT-441]
Electricity & Magnetism [James Dull, PHY-330]
Real Analysis [Jonny Comes, MAT-451]
Thermal Physics [James Dull, PHY-313]
Complex Analysis [Dave Rosoff, MAT-431]
Quantum Physics [Kathryn Devine, PHY-400]
Algebraic Structures [Robin Cruz, MAT-461]
Theoretical Mechanics [Kathryn Devine, PHY-301]
Differential Equations [Dave Rosoff, MAT-352]
Linear Algebra [Robin Cruz, MAT-361]



Heritage Scholarship

The College of Idaho

Full-tuition merit scholarship for undergraduate studies. [Awarded to 11 of 287 first-year students in 2012.]