Colton Grainger

I’m a math Ph.D. student on indefinite leave from the University of Colorado at Boulder, having worked over the last year in the Data Engineering and Curation Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

As of Summer 2020, I’ve decided to pivot in my career trajectory to take a software engineering position in the Pacific Northwest. Professionally, I’m interested in modeling complex systems and wrangling messy data. Details are in my CV.
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I affirm Hiro Lee Tanaka’s Statement of Commitment to Equity in Mathematics:

I support policies and activities meant to dissect and disarm mechanisms that lead to inequities in mathematical fields. To this end, I also support: conducting research into the sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle, ways in which various groups come to be underrepresented in mathematical fields; listening to needs of various communities and responding effectively to those needs; reflecting on personal actions and reactions; and enacting practices of equity in my day-to-day praxis.